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CCCB Introduces the TrueBeam TM Radiotherapy System: Faster, More Precise Radiotherapy Treatment for Cancer Patients

March 19, 2018

Faster, More Precise Radiotherapy Treatment for Cancer Patients

Cancer Care Centers of Brevard is enhancing its cancer-fighting abilities with a new True Beam TM system from Varian Medical Systems for radiation therapy. Oncologists at Cancer Care Centers of Brevard are utilizing True Beam to treat patients with a variety of cancers including lung, breast, prostate, and head and neck. Benefits for cancer patients include:

  • Faster Treatments: The TrueBeamTM system delivers radiation at a faster dose rate than traditional technologies. This speed translates into shorter treatment times for patients. Typical treatment times can be cut in half; with most taking less than a half hour.
  • Comfort: Quiet operation and shorter treatment times mean less stress for the patient.
  • Precision Targeting: The precision of the TrueBeamTM system is measured in increments of less than a millimeter. This precision allows physicians to protect vital organs and healthy tissue surrounding the tumor.
  • Personalized Care: TrueBeamM makes it possible to tailor patient’s treatments using a variety of methods including respiratory gating, real-time tracking, imaging, and more.
  • Visibility: The TrueBeamTM system produces 3-D images which allow doctors to target tumors precisely. It also reduces the amount of X-ray doses a patient receives by 25%.

“Cancer Care Centers of Brevard is pleased to add the TrueBeam TM system to our suite of leading-edge technology,” said Rahul Chopra, Medical Director at Cancer Care Centers of Brevard. “This system is a great advancement in treating cancer and allows our highly-trained and specialized physicians to deliver a personalized, precise experience while treating our patients more rapidly and effectively."

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