For Patients


Prescription Refills

Refills for prescription drugs will be filled during regular business hours. We access your most up-to-date medical records and ensure you receive your medication as approved by your physician. It’s important to make certain you have enough medication before weekends or holidays. We can mail your oral chemotherapy to you or have it ready for you at the time of your next office visit.

In-Office Dispensing (IOD)

Our practice offers in-office dispensing of oral medications used in cancer treatment and supportive care. This includes oral antibiotics, agents for nausea, as well as oral chemotherapy medications

Convenient Access for Most Prescriptions

We understand that undergoing treatment for your condition can be unsettling and time consuming. In order to provide excellent service and convenience for our patients, we can dispense certain medications to you in our offices. We can also confirm your prescription benefits coverage and investigate co-payment assistance resources (e.g., patient assistance programs, manufacturer-funded assistance, etc.) to better ensure you receive your medication as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

The front desk staff may ask for a copy of your prescription benefit card when you sign in for your appointment. This is needed should you choose to take advantage of this program. Please let us know if you have any questions about filling your prescription in our office.