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Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer Clinical Trials

Being diagnosed with any kind of cancer is a major life event. The good news for prostate cancer patients is the high survival rate of this particular type of cancer. In many cases, treatment isn't needed until the condition progresses further.

At Cancer Care Centers of Brevard, we approach each patient’s cancer with a personalized treatment plan. Our cancer experts have a number of established and new prostate cancer therapies available, including clinical trials.

Prostate Cancer Clinical Trials in Brevard County, Florida

Clinical trials help researchers and physicians to learn about new prostate cancer treatments or therapy combinations that may be more effective or produce fewer side effects than currently available treatment options. As doctors gain a better understanding of prostate cancer and how to effectively treat it, patients can get better medical care. This helps patient outcomes improve.

Cancer Care Centers of Brevard participates in prostate cancer clinical trials to not only help our own patients receive the latest treatment options but also to help patients across the country in the same way. The results of the clinical trials we participate in will advance the knowledge and treatments for patients everywhere. This provides them with new data and treatment options that were not available before. Through our work, we hope to see improved patient outcomes on a larger scale.

Should I Participate In a Clinical Trial for Prostate Cancer?

Clinical trials aren’t an option for all prostate cancer patients. Only certain patients will qualify. If you do qualify, a member of the research team will talk to you and your family about it.

It’s never required that you participate in a clinical trial.

Some of the things that are considered before suggesting a clinical trial for a patient include:

  • Stage of cancer
  • Past history of cancer treatments
  • Current health status
  • Current medications
  • Other medical health problems
  • Age

If you choose to look into participating in a prostate cancer clinical trial, the research team will talk you through what to expect and some pros and cons.

Here are some questions you might ask the research team at CCCB:

  • What are the potential side effects of the treatment in the trial? How are those side effects usually managed?
  • Is there any possibility that I will receive a placebo?
  • What other treatment options do I have and how do they compare to the clinical trial?
  • Will I receive treatment here at this office?
  • Who should I contact for additional questions about the trial?

You can also take a few moments to read through our FAQ page on clinical trials in general and browse the available trials at our facilities.

Joining Forces with the US Oncology Research Network

Cancer Care Centers of Brevard is proud to be a member of the US Oncology Network, a global leader in cutting-edge cancer research. As a part of the network, our facilities have access to state-of-the-art clinical trials for prostate cancer and other types of cancer.

Our highly trained research team has helped many patients on the Space Coast of Florida with participation in cancer research trials and will continue to advance prostate cancer treatment for future patients.